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For Information: NHS Copyright

Copyright Information for NHS library staff

There are two ways in which NHS library staff in England may copy and share extracts from most printed and digital work:

1. CLA Licence Plus

The agreement signed between the Copyright Licensing Agency and the Department of Health is called CLA Licence Plus for the NHS in England.

The Licence and a poster about the licence are available on the CLA website.

Check whether what you want to copy is covered by the Licence using the 'Check Permissions' (select 'public sector')  tool .

2. Copyright Act & 'Library Privilege'

If copies cannot be made under the CLA Licence Plus, NHS library staff may supply copies under terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988, which was updated in 2014 to include digital as well as printed works.

Our briefing for library staff on Library and inter-library document supply and copyright in the NHS (updated July 2018) includes FAQs and wording statements to use when supplying articles and instructions on obtaining copyright fee paid articles.

Still unsure? This summary table shows the differences between copying under the CLA Licence and copying using Library Privilege. To help you decide when you need a Licenced copy, when you need a Library Privilege copy, and when you need a Copyright Fee Paid (CFP) copy, see our decision tree (updated July 2018) or try our interactive NHS Copy Aid

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Further help and support

Each region has one or more 'Copyright First Responders' - library staff who can offer help, advice and support. These are:

London and South:  Helen Bingham, Tricia Rey, Paul Lee and Alison Horner Le Riche

Midlands and East: Vanessa Ancliff, Rayanne Byatt, Martin Elcock, Ian Rennie and Yolande Brookes

North: Susan Smith and David Watson

Public Health England: Tim Ellis

Contact NHS first responders:

We will respond within 2 working days to your query. If your query is complex and will take more than 2 working days to answer we will let you know. 

Page Updated 17 September 2018