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HEALER Minutes & Papers

HEALER was formed in September 2008. To find out more about the group please contact the Chair David Stewart

16 May 2013 meeting in York there were 5 presentations as follows;


Presentation Title [download as a PDF]

Alison Brettle

How LIRG is contributing to LIS policy

Helen Buckley Woods and Andrew Booth

LIRG 2012/13 Research Scan Award: What do LIS practitioners want from research?

Janet Harrison

European Health Library Quality Standards: A Model Eahil 25th Anniversary Research Award

Hannah Spring and Kim Wilshaw

Barriers to and priorities for research engagement in health librarianship: Outcomes of a PhD 

Barbara Sen

Project WHIPPET: Working in the Health Information Profession: Perspectives, Experiences and Trends

8 September 2011 meeting in BIrmingham there were 3 presentations to HEALER as follows:


Presentation Title [download as a PDF]

Professor Charles Oppenheim (for the LIS Research Coalition)

"I have a dream." [Developing Research Excellence and Methods] 

Chris Urquhart - Aberystwyth University

Using assessments of impact and value to plan for change.

Hannah Spring - York St John University

Overview and findings of a PhD: the barriers and priorities for research development in health librarianship.

Below are the notes and papers from HEALER meetings which you can download as a PDF: 

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HEALER notes 16 May 2013
HEALER Minutes 8 September 2011
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