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Research Toolkit

HEALER has published a web-based toolkit to support library and information staff with the research process.

It is intended to help librarians in the health sector to carry out research from small-scale, local service evaluation through to much more formal research.

The toolkit is a starting point for those wishing to undertake a research project, highlighting issues to consider and signposting resources to help you get started.

It includes:

Step 1: Turn Your Ideas Into a Research Question
Step 2: Review the Literature
Step 3: Design the Study and Develop Your Methods
Step 4: Writing Your Proposal for Formal Research
Step 5: Issues About Funding
Step 6: Obtain Ethical and Trust Approval
Step 7: Collect and Collate the Data
Step 8: Analyse the Data and Interpret Findings
Step 9: Implications of Your Research for Practice and Identify How Findings Can Be Put Into Practice
Step 10: Report on the Study and Disseminate Findings

You can find the open access toolkit (i.e. no login required) at:

Page Updated 31 July 2012