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Welcome to the NHS Library and Knowledge Services Wiki. Listed below are the namespaces that are associated with the LKS Wiki:


Access is restricted to HLISD Board members only.

2. Innovations

Open access no login required.

This includes all the submissions for "The Sally Hernando Awards for Innovation in NHS Library and Knowledge Services" for:


Feel free to look and share the innovations and good practice and add any comments in the discussion option.
You can search the innovations database by Trust, keyword or category of innovation. Please go to LQAF Innovations Home Page to search.

1. Knowledge for Healthcare Working Groups

Access is restricted to members of each of the Working Groups.

- Quality and Impact Working Group (QIG)

- Resource Discovery Working Group (RDG)

- Service Transformation Working Group (STG)

- Workforce Planning and Development Group (WPDG)

For KfH editors: Creating KfH wiki pages

Updates on the programme will be available at http://www.libraryservices.nhs.uk/lksl/kfhdocs.html

4. Library & Knowledge Services Leads

Access is restricted to HEE LKSL only.

LKSL Meetings

2. Applying for rail travel tickets to attend a Knowledge for Healthcare (KfH) group meeting/event

If you are planning on attending a KfH Working Group or Task and Finish Group or the KfH commissioned Leadership events, please check with your line manager what the organisation's policy is on travel expenses for external CPD events.

If your own organisation is unable to pay for rail tickets for you then please contact your HEE LKS Lead

3. NHS Copyright First Responders

Access is restricted to NHS Copyright First Responders. If you have problems logging in please email and Linda Ferguson, Dominic Gilroy or Gil Young will help.

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