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The NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework Revised version April 2016

The NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF) version 2.3a, April 2016 contains the national standards for NHS library/knowledge services together with guidance on how to measure the degree of compliance with the standards. Two criteria were revised for the 2.3a version: 1.3c impact and 5.3l patient and public information. A full review of LQAF is currently underway and a new quality process is scheduled to be piloted in 2018

You can also download a copy of the two revised criteria LQAF 2.3a April 2016 - Revised 1.3c and 5.3l.pdf

This namespace provide updates to sections of the LQAF criteria guidance such as "Definitions", "Additional tops, tools, templates or reference" particularly where links have been provided to Internet sites.

You can also learn about innovation and good practice in NHS library/knowledge services by visiting http://www.libraryservices.nhs.uk/forlibrarystaff/lqaf/innovations.html

Standards Assessment Tool

The self-assessment uses the Excel Standards Assessment Tool (the SAT). There are two versions of the SAT - one with embedded guidance and the other without which can now be filtered on the Action Plan and these are available to download at http://www.libraryservices.nhs.uk/forlibrarystaff/lqaf/lqaf.html

We have updated for 2018 the LQAF Excel SAT Guidance which explains how to fill in the Excel spreadsheet and how to embed the evidence in to the SAT.

N.B. Some HEE LKS Leads will have produced their own local documents for the self-assessment such as the NW ones which will supersede this guidance document.
If in doubt please speak to your LKS Lead.

Annual Requirements

For 2018 LQAF will focus on 5 core criteria. For further details please see the Library Services Website.

Suggestions and Comments

If you have any suggestions for additions to the guidance or spot a link that is broken then please go to the relevant criteria (use the list below) and add a comment to the "Discuss this" feature on the relevant page.

Otherwise send an email to

Go to a specific Domain on the LQAF wiki

Domain 1 - Strategic Management

1.1 Strategy
1.2 Implementation Plan
1.3 Operational Management

Domain 2 - Finance and Service Level Agreements

2.1 Finance and Budgets
2.2 Service Level Agreements and Contracts

Domain 3 - Human Resources and Staff Management

3.1 Staff Structure and Skill Mix
3.2 Staff Development

Domain 4 - Infrastructure and Facilities

4.1 Information Technology
4.2 Facilities and Equipment Management
4.3 Library/Knowledge Service Space

Domain 5 - Library/Knowledge Services Service Delivery and Development

5.1 Service Promotion and Marketing
5.2 Information Skills/ Literacy Training
5.3 Library/Knowledge Services
5.4 Knowledge Management

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