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Updated domains not to be blocked by IT
Updated domains not to be blocked by IT

Welcome to the home for NHS library and knowledge services (England) and the Health Education England Library and Knowledge Services Leads

This site acts as a focal point for information mainly for:

1. Knowledge for Healthcare: a development framework, 2015-2020

On 31 December 2014 Health Education England published their development framework for Library and Knowledge Services.

The HEE LKS Leads have developed an implementation plan.

You can also view the KfH blog at 

2. HEE LKS Policy

The NHS Library and Knowledge Services in England Policy was approved by the Health Education England Executive on the 29th November 2016. The policy sets out for the first time our approach to delivering on the key objective of enabling access to knowledge and evidence for healthcare decision makers. For further information see

3. Find local NHS library and knowledge services at

4. Access electronic books, journals and databases at


1. NHS Library Quality Assurance Framework (LQAF) England (2.3a) April 2016

The LQAF contains the national standards for NHS library/knowledge services together with guidance on how to measure the degree of compliance with the standards. It includes which includes revisions to two criteria: 1.3c (impact) and 5.3l (patient and public information).

2. Innovations in NHS Library and Knowledge Services

You see a summary of innovation and good practice in NHS library/knowledge services and find out more details on our wiki  at


This contains an open access namespace the  LKS (LQAF)  Innovations and three restricted access namespaces: NHS Cost Framework , HLISD Board and HEE Library and Knowledge Services Leads.

3. NICE Community for Library & Knowledge Services Staff

Includes a range of resources including NICE Evidence Services issues, Resources for OpenAthens and Link Resolver administrators, Keeping up to date and Training materials for HDAS and NHS Evidence Search.

4. Guidance for subscribing and using mailing lists

The guidance explains how to subscribe or change your subscription details such as email address and password and this explains how the lists work.


23 April 2019 Annual statistical return part 2 - activity and finance

You can now download a copy of the Excel NHS LKS Annual Statistical return 2018-19 pt 2 finance and activity dated 23 April 2019 from

It includes an activity log to support Knowledge for Healthcare's Evaluation Framework.

22 March 2018 Annual statistcical return part 1 - staffing

You can now download a copy of the Excel NHS LKS Annual Statistical return 2019-20 pt 1 staffing dated 22 March 2019. from

It should be completed and returned to your HEE LKS Lead by the date they provide.

20th April 2018 - Inter_ Network Collaboration Scheme

Inter-Network Collaboration (INC) Scheme - For document supply and interlibrary loans between the geography based networks EDEN, KSS SENDS, LENDS Network, PANDDA, SWIMS Network, and WISH from 1st May 2018

Autumn 2017 - Domains that should not be blocked by IT

An updated list of the domains that should not be blocked by IT within Trusts has been produced by NARAG. Please go to to download the list.

13 September 2017 - WK Link Resolver Support Site

Please go to where you can check the FAQs about the new Link Resolver and find all the guidance you need.

Page Updated 23 April 2019