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Updated domains not to be blocked by IT

CKO Events

Supporting the implementation of good practice NHS Evidence for Chief Knowledge Officers held at Midland Hotel, Manchester, 1st December 2009

All documents and presentations can be downloaded in PDF format (unless stated otherwise) by clicking on the title or name of the presenter where there are multiple presentations.

Programme for the event

1. Pre workshop survey results

     a. 3 most important areas to cover
     b. Key outputs
     c. Key take aways

2. Gillian Leng, NHS Evidence introduction to the day - slides

3. NHS Choices – Anne Brice, Associate Director, NHS National Knowledge Service, NHS Choices ICF - slides

4. NHS Information Centre – Parul Desai, Director of Population Health - slides

5. NHS Evidence – Mark Salmon, Programme Director Engagement and Management, NHS Evidence - slides

6. Push and prompt - getting evidence onto the third floor, the surgery, the lab report and the patient leaflet – 2 billion wasted opportunities – Sir Muir Gray, NHS CKO - slides

7. Some KM highlights from across NHS England - Slides
- Lynda Cox NHS NE,
- Rachel Cooke, NHS E of E

8. Speed consulting post event surveyWorkshops (Excel file)

9. NHS Evidence hands-on searching and specialist browsing – workshop slides (Anne Weist)

10. How NHS Evidence can better support CKOs and others in the future (Jackie Kearney User Research NHS Evidence and Ady Speake NHS Evidence Sources) – short report

11. Demonstrating the value of KM (Sue Lacey-Bryant, CKO NHS Milton Keynes) Workshop Slides and flipchart analysis

12. Quick Wins – in the context of developing a long term approach (Rachel Cooke NHS EoE, David Copsey NHS Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells and Martin Fisher NHS W. Midlands) – workshop slides

13. Practical KM tools: the after action review (Chris Collison, Business Author and KM Consultant) - one page guide and video clip on after action review

14. Developing a KM strategy and implementation plan (Lynda Cox NHS NE) – workshop slides, tools and techniques, KM self assessment tool

15. Contacts
The NHS Knowledge Management Network and the CKO Co-ordinating Group

16. Post event evaluation - report and outcomes.