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Updated domains not to be blocked by IT
Updated domains not to be blocked by IT

Commissioning Handbook

A resource for NHS librarians supporting commissioners in health and social care

Use the Commissioning Handbook to see:

  • what commissioning involves and the stages of the commissioning cycle

  • key areas in which those involved in aspects of commissioning need and want information 

  • the range of information work that currently supports commissioning

  • how to locate the best available evidence for commissioners including search terms

  • examples of searches carried out by librarians.

What the users say - "I should use this resource more as there is an enormous amount of very good work here…" 

Who is it for?

All librarians who support commissioners.

What does it cover?

The Handbook is continually being updated with resources which contain useful information for commissioners. Currently, you will find the following sections:

  • Commissioning and the Coalition

  • The roles and information needs of those involved in commissioning

  • Organisations that support commissioners

  • The Commissioning Cycle 

  • Information resources to support commissioning in specific areas 

  • Hot Topics, such as Urgent Care 

  • Searching for information for commissioning

  • Information services for commissioning

  • Librarians Toolkit

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Who manages it?

It is a live, collaborative, work in progress, developed by information professionals across NHS England and led by LKSL.

An editorial group plus a group of local champions work together to develop content and make it as relevant as possible for librarians that support commissioners.

The local champions are:

East of England

Wendy Marsh and Barbara Norrey

East Midlands

Alison Price

Kent, Surrey, Sussex

Erica Rae


Colin Brodie

North East

Sue Austin

North West

Lis Edwards and Kieran Lamb

South Central

Anne Gray

South West

Lisa Riddington

West Midlands

Phil O'Reilly

Yorkshire and the Humber

Jill Rutt

Can I contribute?

Contact the Editorial Group or your local champion to share details of useful resources you have come across, a search you have done, or if you would like to make any other contribution.

How can I access the Commissioning Handbook?

Visit the Handbook at - you do not need a password to use it.

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Page updated 18 October 2013