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Updated domains not to be blocked by IT
Updated domains not to be blocked by IT


Current Awareness Service for Health (CASH)

The Current Awareness Service for Health (CASH) is a collaborative project provided by a network of librarians and knowledge managers in the health sector who monitor and capture content from across a range of subject areas.

The content is added to the central CASH Database and is made available to search or be streamed as a NewsfeedThe content can then be used by LKS to produce personalised CAS for their own customers. The newsfeeds are also available to subscribe to as a daily email alert via The CASH Portal. Find out more from the Know How section.

Who is it for?

CASH also provides a central infrastructure for the provision of current awareness services locally. To find out more about the benefits of contributing to getting involved with CASH, please complete the form

What does it cover?

The hub of the service is the database which then adds the latest news stories to a subject page, which in turn can be subdivided into very specific topics e.g. Health Services Management has pages on Integrated Care, Leadership etc. Each subject page enables you to subscribe to the newsfeed and has links to additional resources. It may contain a bulletin that you can edit and use for your own service (as long as you acknowledge the originator). Alternatively you can copy and paste entries into your own bulletin template.

There is an A-Z list of the subjects covered.

The Know How pages contain guidance and tips e.g. on how to produce a bulletin using MailChimp.

Who manages it?

CASH is run by a Steering Group– a team of library managers and information professionals with years of experience in delivering current awareness services. 

How can I get involved?

More information on how to get involved with CASH is available on the  Get involved page.

How can I access the service?

CASH is a freely accessible web resource:


Page updated 29 January 2019