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Updated domains not to be blocked by IT
New essential sites template letter for LKS staff to use to circulate the list to their IT or Network teams

For Information: OpenAthens and Link Resolver

Authentication and the Link Resolver are managed by the National Authentication and Link Resolver Operational Management Group [NALROM]. This group has replaced NARAG and NLRAG. It reports to the LKSL-NICE Liaison Group.

Go to the NALROM page for more information about this group.

NHS OpenAthens Administration and Link Resolver

The NHS uses OpenAthens as its choice for managing access to e-content. There is a hierarchy of OpenAthens administrators: local (i.e. Trust level), regional and a national administrator.

The Link Resolver provides full text links to freely available and NHS purchased content within the NICE Evidence Services journals and databases interface. The Link Resolver is maintained by NHS librarians and is provided by Wolters Kluwer’s Ovid Discovery Service Link Resolver.

Your OpenAthens and Link Resolver regional administrators are:

National Administrator Fran Wilkie and team
North [OpenAthens] Anne Roberts
North [Link Resolver] Andrew Craig
Midlands and East [OpenAthens/Link Resolver] Elizabeth Wright and team
London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex [OpenAthens/Link Resolver] Jenny Turner and team
South [OpenAthens] – South West Catherine Micklethwaite and team
South [OpenAthens] – Thames Valley and Wessex Helen Williams and team
South [Link Resolver] Helen Williams

For resources for OpenAthens and Knowledge Base administrators please go to:

Eligibility Criteria for OpenAthens Accounts

You can see who is eligible for an NHS OpenAthens account at:

Training materials

OpenAthens: You can download training videos from the OpenAthens Training, and guides from NICE's Resources for Administrators. page.

Link Resolver: Ovid Discovery Service Link Resolver Help

Regional OpenAthens Statistics

Following completion of the work to streamline the OpenAthens organisational structure for the NHS in England, the OpenAthens administrators have been working on statistics, looking at ways to streamline processes and standardise reporting across the country, and help ensure that LKS managers and teams have access to meaningful, actionable, reproducible and comparable data.

Having agreed that OpenAthens resource transfer data is not a reliable indicator of resource usage (supplier statistics should be used instead), the new OpenAthens reports focus on:

  • Account totals for each OpenAthens organisation.
  • Account totals for each OpenAthens organisation as a % of organisational headcount (for trusts)*.
  • Unique successful account authentications for each OpenAthens organisation.
  • % of accounts being used (unique successful logins / total number of accounts x 100)

You will find the reports for each region here: North | Midlands and East | LKSS | South

*Note that trust headcounts are taken from NHS Digital workforce data for January each year. They will not include students on placement within trusts, and may not account for changes or mergers that may have taken place during the year.

How to Request Administrator Rights to Link Resolver
  • Contact your regional lead, say that you would like administrator rights, and whether this is in addition to the current administrator for your organisation, or if you are replacing a previous administrator.
  • Once the regional lead has confirmed they have received this request, to go to and login with your personal OpenAthens account. You won’t be able to access the Admin area at this point – if you try, you will get an error message.
  • Go to My Profile, where you will see that your name and email address have been anonymised. Edit your name and email address so they display as your actual ones (type them in and click on Save).
  • Contact your regional lead again when you have done this, stating the OpenAthens org name(s) and OpenAthens org ID(s) of the organisation(s) you will be administering. You can find these details by searching this list.
  • Your regional lead will then forward these details to Fran Wilkie at NICE who will activate Administrator status for you, allocate the appropriate holding sets, i.e. give you permissions to administer these particular orgs, and email you to confirm when done.


How to Request Administrator Rights to OpenAthens
  • For OpenAthens, anyone requesting admin rights should contact their regional OA administrator.
  • Your will be emailed a GDPR statement You will need to reply to this email Fran Wilkie at NICE stating that you understand and agree to use the data as set out in this statement.
  • If you are the administrator for multiple organisations, you only need to reply once, indicating which organisations you are responsible for.
  • If you share your administrator duties with anyone else, they will also need to reply, stating that they understand and agree to use the data as set out in the statement, and indicating which organisation(s) they administer.


  Page Updated 22 November 2019