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NLH Coordinating Group

The History - 1 April 2003 to 31 March 2009

The National Library for Health (NLH) existed from April 2003 to March 2009 and was a constituent part of the National Knowledge Service for the NHS.  NLH consisted of 3 resources:

  • the skills and knowledge of  the then 1,275 librarians within the NHS

  • a national digital knowledge base, a single collection of best current knowledge organised to facilitate finding by searching but also facilitated both "push" and "prompt" technologies

  • the National Specialist Libraries which provided communities of practice of clinicians and patients.

The NLH Coordinating Group

The need for an NLH Coordinating Group was discussed by the Executive Team of the NHS Library and Knowledge Development Network (LKDN) Executive and the NLH Central Team in 2006. A proposal was put to LKDN that a new group comprising:

  • the NLH Head of Service,

  • the NLH Head of Development,

  • the NLH Head of Content,

  • a strategic lead from each of the 10 Strategic Health Authorities, and

  • a senior representative from each of the independent, higher education and public library sectors

should be established.

Minutes of meetings 2007-2009 as a .zip file

NHS Evidence, SHALL 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2013 and HEE LKSL 2015 to date

On 1 April 2009 the National Library for Health transferred in to the newly created NHS Evidence and a review of the NLH work streams was undertaken. Some of the work transferred to SHALL and then in 2013 the HEE Library and Knowledge Service Leads  was established.