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NLH Staff Development Group

The NLH Library Staff Development Group (2007-2009) was developed to support the continuing development of health care library staff. It did this by:

  • working collaboratively with a range of partners to make the best use of the learning resources and staff capacity that is available.

  • actively encouraging the uptake of new services and better service delivery.

Integral to the delivery of this programme were the main group's task and finish groups.

For further information see the terms of reference (2008).

Minutes of the meetings from 2008-2009 are available as a .zip file.

The group produced Skills for Success - the Health Library Staff Development Framework which was indended to:

  •  Link the changing needs of the service to the knowledge and skills required of the staff.

  • Translate the NSF for Library services into the skills and knowledge required for its effective delivery.

  • Target staff development at each level so that all staff can be confident that they are able to make an effective contribution on a continuing basis.

  • Offer development opportunities that equip staff to progress their careers either within library services or other areas.

The work of this group has been continued by the SHALL Staff Development Group (2009-2013) and then the HEE LKSL Staff Development Group (2013-2015).