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New essential sites template letter for LKS staff to use to circulate the list to their IT or Network teams


Authentication and the Link Resolver are managed by the National Authentication and Link Resolver Operational Management Group [NALROM]. This group has replaced NARAG and NLRAG. It reports to the LKSL-NICE Liaison Group.

Its purpose is:

Its roles and responsibilities are to:

  • Monitor usage and usability of the authentication and link resolver systems, in terms of end-user and LKS managers’ requirements, administrator functionality, and resource funders’ and suppliers’ expectations
  • Raise suggestions for improvements to system delivery, helping to prioritise these and making recommendations to NICE and HEE LKSL via the LKSL NICE Liaison Group, and/or to the suppliers as appropriate
  • Develop policies, guidelines and recommendations including on such matters as eligibility and national link resolver collections
  • Disseminate information received from NICE and system suppliers to local administrators
  • Drive implementation and support changes required by NICE, HEE LKSL and system suppliers
  • Consider the impact of changes to these systems on library service delivery, local administrators and end users, and support local library services where changes occur
  • Ensure that suitable training and support is available to local administrators, and that all training and support channels are clearly communicated
  • Facilitate the recruitment and training of local administrators
  • Consider technical issues and escalate queries from local administrators as appropriate
  • Conduct system testing and consider system improvements as required
  • Monitor emerging technologies or other developments which might impact on operation of the systems

For further information, please contact your regional administrator.

  Page Updated 14 May 2018