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Welcome to the Innovations namespace of the NHS Library and Knowledge Services Wiki!

Search the Innovations Database

You can search innovation award submissions using the innovations database at http://lks.kss.hee.nhs.uk/data/web/innovations.htm

The database has net yet been updated to include 2018 innovation submissions

The 2018 Innovation Judges

Maria J. Grant selected the final three winners of the 2018 Sally Hernando Innovation Awards taking into consideration the interests of the wider profession as well as actual or potential organisational benefit in her selection.

Maria chose the three winners from a top ten selected by a panel of regional judges as detailed below:

HEE regionJudge
London and KSS Emma Aldrich
London and KSS Alan Fricker
London and KSS Marco Isetta
South Caroline Plaice
South Sarah Maddock
South Helen Dahlke
Midlands and East Gary Meades
Midlands and East Jason Curtis
Midlands and East Richard Bridgen
North Michael Cooke
North Hugh Hanchard
North Paul Twiddy

The 2018 Innovation Submissions

Year List of winners, top ten and innovation submissions
20182018 Innovation Submissions including winning entries

Results and Submissions for 2017, 2014-15, 2013-14, 2012-13, 2011-12 and 2010-11

Year List of winners, top ten and innovation submissions
20172017 Innovation Submissions including winning entries

Year Overview of results List of submissions and judges verdict Links to pages for individual submissions
2014-15Overview of 2014-15 Innovation Submissions2014-15 list of all the submissions and the judges verdict 2014-15 Marketing Innovations Submissions

2014-15 Organisational Innovations Submissions

2014-15 Process Innovations Submissions

2014-15 Product Innovations Submissions
2013-14Overview of 2013-14 Innovation Submissions2013-14 list of all the submissions and the judges verdict2013-14 Marketing Innovation Submissions

2013-14 Organisational Innovation Submissions

2013-14 Process Innovation Submissions

2013-14 Product Innovation Submissions
2012-13Overview of 2012-13 Innovation Submissions2012-13 list of all the submissions and the judges verdict 2012-13-Marketing-Innovation-Submissions



2011-12Overview of 2011-12 Innovation Submissions2011-12 innovation submissions - summary2011-12 Marketing Innovation Submissions

2011-12 Organisational Innovations Submissions

2011-12 Process Innovation Submissions

2011-12 Product Innovation Submissions
2010-11Overview of the 2010-11 Innovation Submissions2010-11 innovation submissions - summary 2010-11 Marketing Innovation Submissions

2010-11 Organisational Innovations Submissions

2010-11 Process Innovation Submissions

2010-11 Product Innovation Submissions

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